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Protecting The Rights of Workers Throughout California

Contact the employment lawyers at GrahamHollis APC for powerful legal advocacy in wage and hour, workplace discrimination, sexual harassment and wrongful termination claims. We proudly represent employees and groups of employees in San Diego and throughout California.

More Than $200 Million Recovered For California Workers

Our team of attorneys has a reputation throughout California for holding employers accountable for wronging their employees. We fight to get workers the full and fair compensation they are owed.

We have helped workers in each of the following industries receive unpaid wages and rectify illegal working conditions and wage violations:

  • Call Center Employees
  • Construction Workers
  • Commissioned Sales People
  • Factory/Warehouse Employees
  • Health Care Workers
  • Hotel Employees
  • Mechanics
  • Nurses
  • Office Workers
  • Repair/Service Technicians
  • Restaurant Employees
  • Retail Workers/Cashiers
  • Security Guards
  • Temporary Service Workers
  • Oil Industry Workers
  • Truck and/or Delivery Drivers

Our attorneys analyze each case to create a strategy for maximum compensation and have recovered over $200 million.

We handle various employment law issues, including:

  • unpaid wages
  • lost benefits
  • sexual harassment
  • discrimination
  • class action lawsuits
  • individual claims

Our team of dedicated lawyers provides excellent client service and is ready to fight for workers’ rights against big corporations. Eliminating all workplace injustices is an unrealistic goal, but our firm is committed to making a positive impact. Employment laws are in place to safeguard workers and outline employers’ obligations. When our clients face workplace injustices, we are prepared to fight for their rights and secure the compensation they are entitled to. Our goal is to empower employees and make a positive difference in their lives.

We Are Trial Lawyers

If your employer refuses to cooperate, we will not hesitate to fight for you in court. Our attorneys are skilled and accomplished litigators.

Contact us if you have questions about your rights or believe your employer has wronged you.

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