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Have you been cheated out of wages due to you? Have you suffered harassment or discrimination in the workplace? Has an employer retaliated after you made a legitimate complaint? GrahamHollis APC is a California employment law firm with an experienced team of litigators to champion your cause. You will find attentive listeners, clear communicators and powerful advocates for your interests. We represent employees throughout California.


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Attorney Graham S.P. Hollis

Graham S.P. Hollis

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Attorney Vilmarie Cordero

Vilmarie Cordero

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Attorney Hali Michelle Anderson

Hali Michelle Anderson

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Attorney Nathan Reese

Nathan Reese

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Attorney David Lin

David Lin

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Attorney Erik Dos Santos

Erik Dos Santos

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Attorney Alex Kuner

Alex Kuner

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Attorney Monique Rodriguez

Monique Rodriguez

Attorney At Law
Attorney Monique Rodriguez

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Alyssa L. Smith

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One lawyer or one law firm cannot right all the injustices in the working world. That doesn’t stop us from trying. Employment laws exist to protect workers and clarify employers’ responsibilities. When our clients experience wrongdoing on the job, we are ready to take on their causes and win. We pride ourselves in our ability to turn things around for employees and help them get the compensation they deserve. 

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Representing Employees In All Industries

The lawyers at GrahamHollis APC have handled claims for unpaid wages and illegal working conditions for workers in a broad variety of industries. We understand all types of illegal practices that are most often encountered in each industry.

At GrahamHollis APC, we have helped workers in each of the following industries receive unpaid wages and rectify illegal working conditions and wage violations:

  • Call Center Employees
  • Construction Workers
  • Commissioned Sales People
  • Factory/Warehouse Employees
  • Health Care Workers
  • Hotel Employees
  • Mechanics
  • Nurses
  • Office Workers
  • Repair/Service Technicians
  • Restaurant Employees
  • Retail Workers/Cashiers
  • Security Guards
  • Temporary Service Workers
  • Oil Industry Workers
  • Truck and/or Delivery Drivers