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Can a whistleblower remain anonymous?

Not all organizations are as upfront and honest about their business practices as they should be. When these deceitful or unjust behaviors go so far as to break the law, employees may carry a heavy conscience.

But is it right for an employee to point the finger at the business they work for? Do employees who "blow the whistle" on illegal activity in the workplace risk reputation and career opportunities? If you're considering whistleblowing on your employer, here are a few things you should know.

Ban on contracts that quiet workplace discrimination & harassment

Recently, Governor Brown passed a series of employment laws, one of which makes a number of stipulations to establish further unlawful employment practices under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA).

Among other things, the new law keeps employers from striking up a deal to secure an employee's silence in exchange for a raise, bonus or as a condition of employment or continued employment.

Here are some things employees need to know about equal pay in California

The California Equal Pay Act has long prohibited employers from paying employees less than other employees of the opposite sex for equal work. However, many employees continue to experience wage disparity between genders and ethnicities.

For example, actor Benedict Cumberbatch decided to lead by example for other male actors by only doing films for which he and his female co-stars are paid equally. Many directors and actors commended Cumberbatch for his stance, but the wage gap in Hollywood remains an ongoing problem.

The reality is that all industries struggle with wage gaps, and it is crucial for employees in California to understand the Equal Pay Act and how it protects them.

4 types of unpaid wage claims in California

You worked hard to earn your wages -- don't let your employer keep them from you. California has some of the strongest wage and hour laws in the world, and compared with federal wage laws, California law offers more protections for employees. But, as California's minimum wage has steadily climbed in recent years, more and more employers have failed to compensate their employees appropriately.

If your employer has violated your wage and hour rights, you may have grounds to take back what your employer owes you.

Temporary nurses' rights in California

Nurses dedicate their careers to caring for other people. Like the patients you serve, you too deserve appropriate care. You also deserve fair treatment and pay for your work. The state of California protects all nurses' rights, whether you are a full-time or a temporary employee.

In the News: Supreme Court allows for broad discovery in PAGA actions

Williams v. Superior Court is a significant decision for aggrieved employees pursuing wage and hour claims in representative PAGA actions. On July 13th, 2017 the California Supreme Court held that it does not present an undue burden on employers to produce contact information of all other employees who would be subject to unlawful company policies.

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