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Your rights to receive a timely paycheck working in California

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2023 | Wage & Hour Law

California workers expect to receive payment for the hours worked at the end of their pay period, on their regularly scheduled payday. However, for many reasons, employees don’t always receive prompt payments. Fortunately, payday laws exist to protect people working in the Golden State.

California’s payday laws

Most states must follow some type of wage & hour law. These laws help ensure employees receive regular paychecks. They also designate that companies must provide notice of when workers will receive payments. In California, an employee must receive wage payments for the hours worked at least twice each calendar month. California employers must also ensure they post notices detailing times, dates and locations of employee payments.

California companies also need to follow payday laws regarding payment deadlines. Under California’s Labor Code Section 204, an employer must pay an employee for hours worked between the 1st and 15th no later than this month’s 26th day. Employers must pay employees for hours worked between the 16th and final day of a month no later than the following month’s 10th day.

Payday laws also protect discharged and laid-off employees. Under California Labor Code Sections 201 and 203, discharged workers must receive all owed wages immediately after this termination occurs. California employers are required to pay all earned and unused vacation wages to any employee that is terminated or quits at the same time of the employee receives its final paycheck.

What to do when an employer owes you money

While rules exist to protect your right to get paid, that doesn’t mean employers will follow these regulations. If an employer owes you money, let them know about this situation. Should your employer not respond favorably, report this company to the California Labor Agency.

Workers in California deserve to receive all of their wages on-time payments from their employers. If this isn’t happening, you could be able to file an unpaid wages claim against this company.